Friday, May 26, 2006

Judge unseals some documents in EFF's lawsuit, other documents posted online, and Rep. Schakowsky asks AT&T for answers

I'll write more about most of this later.

The judge unsealed part of the documents in EFF's lawsuit against AT&T.

Key Portions of Critical Documents Unsealed in AT&T Surveillance Case
Technician Describes Secret NSA Room at AT&T Facility

San Francisco - AT&T has set up a secret, secure room for the NSA in at least one of the company's facilities -- a room into which AT&T has been diverting its customers' emails and other Internet communications in bulk -- according to evidence in key documents partially unsealed today in the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF's) class-action lawsuit against the telecom giant.

"Now the public can see firsthand the testimony of Mark Klein, a former AT&T employee who was brave enough to step forward and provide evidence of the company's illegal collaboration with the NSA," said EFF Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. "Today we have released some of the evidence supporting our allegation that AT&T has given the NSA direct access to its fiber-optic network, such that the NSA can read the email of anyone and everyone it chooses -- all without a warrant or any court supervision, and in clear violation of the law."

Wired News posted the AT&T whistleblower documents online. It was on the news Wednesday. There's a blog on it at the Huffington Post.

Illinois' 9th Congressional Representative Jan Schakowsky demands answers from AT&T. Now if only the rest of our Democratic Representatives and Senators would do the same.

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