Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bush Administration still won't participate in global warming talks

International talks will begin in Montreal this week on global warming and the USA won't be there. Blame Bush's unwillingness again.

Less shortsighted people than George W. are promoting proposals and trying to work around Bush's intransigence. According to the Washington Post, Senators Joseph Biden (Democrat from Delaware) and Richard Lugar (Republican from Indiana) have endorsed the Pew Center on Global Climate Change proposal.

World Leaders to Discuss Strategies for Climate Control
Bush Administration Shuns Conference On Strategies to Build on Kyoto Pact

Despite the Bush administration's resistance, an assortment of U.S. elected officials, industry representatives and environmentalists are pushing to chart a new climate change strategy that will bring the United States back into international discussions while forcing developing countries to make meaningful cuts in their own carbon dioxide emissions

Regardless of its relationship to global warming, polluting our atmosphere is stupid. First, it's not healthy for living things. Second, pollution is economic waste; it's resources not going into production. Reducing pollution is a win-win.

Global warming is a complex issue. Ignoring it won't make it go away if it's real. Expect to read more on this here.

What you can do?

Call or write George Bush and tell him you want America to participate in international Global Warming talks. Call or write your Congressional Represenatatives, Senators, and State representatives and tell them to take the leadership on the issue. (Project Vote Smart's state resources page can help you find the contact information.) Ask your company to find ways to reduce pollution.

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