Thursday, July 20, 2006

Little steps. Many topics. A new blog post.

I'm not much of a blogger apparently.

There's tons of things happening to blog about, but writing doesn't come naturally to me. I have to write and edit and write and edit. I'm amazed by people who can just write a post every day. A coherent post even.

For me, it's not so easy. So then I think, I'll get around to that later.

I wonder if that's why so few people participate in the elections. They want to do a good job in casting their ballot and becoming educated on the candidates and issues takes time and effort. So they don't. Or maybe they are cynical, or turned-off, or any of the other reasons often suggested for why people don't vote.

Things on my mind that I can't seem to do justice with a full post.

So little steps. One post with a few sentences. Presto. A blog post.

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