Sunday, August 06, 2006

If the Rubber Stamp Republicans won't stop Bush, maybe karma will

This has got to fall under the category of "Gee, isn't that too bad - not!"

NSA risking electrical overload
Officials say outage could leave Md.-based spy agency paralyzed

The demand for electricity to operate its expanding intelligence systems has left the high-tech eavesdropping agency on the verge of exceeding its power supply...

...The NSA is already unable to install some costly and sophisticated new equipment, including two new supercomputers, for fear of blowing out the electrical infrastructure, they said.

At minimum, the problem could produce disruptions leading to outages and power surges at the Fort Meade headquarters, hampering the work of intelligence analysts and damaging equipment, they said. At worst, it could force a virtual shutdown of the agency, paralyzing the intelligence operation, erasing crucial intelligence data and causing irreparable damage to computer systems -- all detrimental to the fight against terrorism.

Let's see. Bush and Cheney crafted an Energy policy in secret that does zero to promote energy conservation or alternative energy, and now their illegal domestic spying operation may collapse for want of energy.

As the TV ads say, "Priceless."

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