Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democracy still lives in America!

Who isn't feeling like doing the Snoopy Happy Dance? or sticking your thumbs in your ears waggling your fingers and going "Nyah nyah nyah Bush! You lost!"

The Democrats took back the House and the Senate! Then Rumsfeld was fired/resigned. So not only did we get a cake and it was frosted, but we're going to eat it too.

So what this means is that finally Americans have said "Enough!" to Bush and the GOP Rubberstamp Congress. Real oversight. Subpoenas. Hearings. Bush is toast!

I'm looking forward to Congressman John Conyers hearings into Bush's illegal activities. Bush just had his ass kicked by the electorate. Wait till the people find out what he's really been up to. Bush and Cheny may be impeached or forced to resign.

Democracy still lives in America! Hooray!

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