Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Woman arrested for refusing to show ID

Hat tip to Huffington Post's Michelle Pilecki for this "The Post-PATRIOT Rosa Parks?"

Right folks. We don't have a National ID. You can walk out of your house right now, and no one can arrest you for not having an ID. Where do these people get off demanding that a person sitting on a public bus, minding her own business, should be subjected to a search? Is this a facist country in World War II?

This is unbelievable unacceptable. It's a sad indication of the low value Americans place on their civil liberties that this incident isn't causing an uproar. Terrorists only win if they change our way of life.

There's a website with details. Partway through it now, and it's making me mad! Here's a good point, that I can't seem to get through to people who meekly fork over their IDs to parking lot attendants, front desk clerks, etc.

"Showing ID only affects honest people. If you're dishonest, you can obtain false documents or steal the identity of an honest person."

Is this the land of the Free or not!

More on this to follow.

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