Friday, February 10, 2006

Chicago Mayor Rich Daley pushes Big Brother plan

Mayor Richard Daley has gone too far. It's bad enough you can't walk down a city street without being on one of the 2,250 cop cameras, nor can you ride a CTA bus or train without being under constant surveillance. Now the Mayor wants to force private businesses to participate in Rich-Daley's-Big-Brother-Spy-Camera-program.

NPR: Chicago Camera Proposal Raises Privacy Concerns

In an effort to reduce crime in Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley wants cameras installed throughout the city at any business open 12 hours a week or more.

Daley actually had the balls to say "We won't go overboard: we don't go into your bedroom. We don't go into your living room. We don't go into your kitchen." So according to Daley overboard is when they actually try to surveil you in your house! Any other space in the city is 100% of the time On Video!

Learn more about Chicago's efforts to make no public space free of surveillance.

EPIC: May 2005: More Cities Deploy Camera Surveillance Systems with Federal Grant Money

Chicago has 2,250 cameras in its "Homeland Security Grid," which DHS helped finance with a $5.1 million grant, and will be adding cameras in the next two years with funds from another $48 million grant from Homeland Security.7 By 2006, Chicago will have a 900-mile fiber-optic grid.8 The cameras are linked to a $43-million operations center constantly monitored by police officers.

CTA Enhances Security Effortswith Security Camera Network

This new connection will also allow CTA to link to the City's 9-1-1 Center network of security cameras once the City completes the necessary technological upgrade later this year.

Then if you're pissed off about having Big Brother Daley watching your every move let him know.

Mayor Richard M. Daley
Chicago City Hall
121 N. LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 312-744-3300

Then lookup your alderman and let him or her know too.

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