Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bush flip flops on Patriot Act extension and the Courts strike back

Where to begin? Bush the Flip-flopper?

A 3 month extension to the Un-Patriot Act is not acceptable, he'll veto it. :: snicker snicker :: just like he'd veto McCain's anti-torture bill. A 6 month extension by Senators determined to protect civil liberties from his traitorous spying and untrustworthy administration, or a 1 month extension by some Pro-Patriot Act House Republican is OK.

The FISA court is getting a briefing years too late.

4th Circuit judges who said Bush could hold a U.S. Citizen as an enemy combatant for years without charges lambast Bush's efforts to avoid judicial oversight.

Court rejects government request to move 'enemy combatant'
Order questions Bush administration credibility
"These impressions have been left, we fear, at what may ultimately prove to be substantial cost to the government's credibility before the courts, to whom it will one day need to argue again in support of a principle of assertedly like importance and necessity to the one that it seems to abandon today," the appeals court said.

It would be easy to put this out of our minds. As we get together with friends and family for holidays, bring it up. Nothing matters without liberty.

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