Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Time to pressure Durbin and Obama to support Feingold's resolution to censure Bush for illegal wiretapping

Monday I said let's see how many Dems are absolute cravens while Feingold shows he's a vertebrate. We didn't have to wait long.

Glen Greenwald has a blog on the cowardice of Democrats, and the pugnacity of Republicans over Russ Feingold's resolution to censure George Bush for his illegal wiretapping program.

Greenwald quotes a story in the Washington Post that should interest Illinois citizens:

Let us being [sic] with these profiles in courage from your leading Democratic Senators, showing the nation how strong and tough they are:
"I haven't read it," demurred Barack Obama (Ill.). ...


...Making matters much more inexplicable, and infuriating, is this list, compiled by Liberal Oasis, of the 24 Senators (19 Democrats, 4 Republicans and Jeffords) who are still in the Senate and who co-sponsored Dianne Feinstein's resolution to censure Bill Clinton (not just for lying but expressly for having an "inappropriate relationship" with an adult woman).

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is on that list. Durbin co-sponsored a resolution to censure Bill Clinton for having sex. Will he vote to censure George Bush for violating the Constitution and FISA? The resolution is 4 pages and 5 lines with wide margins and double spacing. Obama could read it over a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. I haven't given up on our senators yet; they did the right thing in December and filibustered the Patriot Act.

Take action Illinois!

Here's Senator Feingold's Fact Sheet on the censure resolution. Call or write our Senators telling them to support Russ Feingold's resolution. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers on the street to contact our Senators too.

Contact Senator Dick Durbin.

Contact Senator Barack Obama.

For some perspective

Just in case anyone is interested. Here's the full text of the resolution to censure Bill Clinton [106th Congress S.RES.44.IS ]. "Shame on him." Now what about spying on Americans without warrants in defiance of FISA and the Constitution?



1st Session

S. RES. 44

Relating to the censure of William Jefferson Clinton.


February 12, 1999

Mrs. FEINSTEIN (for herself, Mr. BENNETT, Mr. MOYNIHAN, Mr. CHAFEE, Mr. KOHL, Mr. JEFFORDS, Mr. LIEBERMAN, Mr. SMITH of Oregon, Mr. DASCHLE, Ms. SNOWE, Mr. REID, Mr. GORTON, Mr. BRYAN, Mr. MCCONNELL, Mr. CLELAND, Mr. DOMENICI, Mr. TORRICELLI, Mr. CAMPBELL, Mr. WYDEN, Mrs. LINCOLN, Mr. KERRY, Mr. KERREY, Mr. SCHUMER, Mr. DURBIN, Mrs. MURRAY, Mr. WELLSTONE, Mr. BREAUX, Ms. MIKULSKI, Mr. DORGAN, Mr. BAUCUS, Mr. REED, Ms. LANDRIEU, Mr. KENNEDY, Mr. LEVIN, Mr. ROCKEFELLER, Mr. ROBB, Mr. INOUYE, and Mr. AKAKA) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Rules and Administration


Relating to the censure of William Jefferson Clinton.

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate employee in the White House, which was shameful, reckless and indefensible;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, deliberately misled and deceived the American people, and people in all branches of the United States Government;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, gave false or misleading testimony and his actions have had the effect of impeding discovery of evidence in judicial proceedings;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton's conduct in this matter is unacceptable for a President of the United States, does demean the Office of the President as well as the President himself, and creates disrespect for the laws of the land;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton fully deserves censure for engaging in such behavior;

Whereas future generations of Americans must know that such behavior is not only unacceptable but also bears grave consequences, including loss of integrity, trust and respect;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton remains subject to criminal actions in a court of law like any other citizen;

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton's conduct in this matter has brought shame and dishonor to himself and to the Office of the President; and

Whereas William Jefferson Clinton through his conduct in this matter has violated the trust of the American people: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved, That--
  • (1) the United States Senate does hereby censure William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, and does condemn his wrongful conduct in the strongest terms;
  • (2) the United States Senate recognizes the historic gravity of this bipartisan resolution, and trusts and urges that future congresses will recognize the importance of allowing this bipartisan statement of censure and condemnation to remain intact for all time; and
  • (3) the Senate now move on to other matters of significance to our people, to reconcile differences between and within the branches of government, and to work together--across party lines--for the benefit of the American people.

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