Friday, December 09, 2005

Charges dropped against woman who dared to ride bus anonymously

Deborah Davis, the woman who was arrested in Denver for riding a bus while anonymous, is no longer facing charges.

DENVER, 7 December 2005. Deborah Davis will not be prosecuted on charges related to her refusal to show ID on a public bus.

Deb's lawyer, ACLU volunteer attorney Gail Johnson, was informed shortly before noon today by the office of the US attorney in Denver of their decision not to prosecute.

I hope she sues their asses off for wrongful arrest.

The website has been expanded since I first posted a link to it in my post on the Davis case. It now includes websites for John Gilmore's challenge to showing ID in order to fly, and on Dudley Hiibel's arrest for not showing ID when a cop demanded it.

John Gilmore's lawsuit was being presented to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday.

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