Friday, December 09, 2005

More info on Center for Public Integrity report on Illinois financial disclosure

Here's an update on The Center for Public Integrity grading Illinois "F" for financial disclosure.

Here's the report card . They ranked Illlinois 31 out 50.

What does the Illinois Commerce Commission regulate? Electricity, Natural Gas, Pipelines, Telecommunications, Transportation, Water and Sewer. See The Center for Public Integrity profile for Illinois for more information. It includes who the Commissioners are, links to their disclosure statements, and shows what companies have been making contributions and how much they spend lobbying the state.

There's also an article, "Nice Work if You can Get it", explaining how Illinois Senators refused to confirm Martin Cohen head of the Illinois Commerce Commission because he formerly worked as the Executive Director of CUB , Citizens Utility Board.

Residents of other states can find their state profiles from a link in the "Nice Work if You can Get it" page.

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