Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thoughts on the Illinois 2006 primary

I'm still not over the spectacle of Elections in Illinois. The big stories about Cegelis and Claypool are being covered elsewhere, but they're not the only ones where entrenched politicos tried to decide things for the voters.

On election day I saw City of Chicago employees handing out "sample ballots" for the incumbents during work hours. I hope they took a vacation day and weren't out there on the tax payer's dime. It was cold and at least one took to electioneering inside the polling place. Business as usual.

The ballot counting in Cook County shows how critical it is to have auditable paper trails if you want the appearance of a fair election. Then again in Chicago you have people voting for who they're told to vote for and the powers-that-be are more interested in scratching each other's backs then representing who elects them.

As much as I want to see the freakish right wing extremists out of control of the government the Democrats are making me sick. They're not content to just lose nationally, and give up the rule of law, they have to spoil things for the locals too. I don't know if there's enough milk to wash down the spinach when the General Elections roll around - will I be able to keep the vomit down while I vote for the Democrats from this primary?

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