Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dems think Censure Resolution benefits Russ Feingold - Duh!

Just skimming some blogs that I don't always get to read for lack of time. I had to post about something from Taegan Goddard's Political Wire.

Insiders See Iraq as Top Issue says most "insider" Dems polled see Feingold as the main beneficiary of his proposal to censure Bush for illegal wiretapping. The downloaded poll includes this (unintended?) brilliant insight mixed in with aspersions on Russ' motives...

Feingold benefits most
"This may be Feingold’s breakout issue, setting himself apart from the pack. Having grabbed the spotlight, there is plenty of time for him to stretch his reach into other compelling areas."

Duh! It's called :: insert drum roll :: BRANDING!

Branding is about product differentiation - standing out from the pack. In this case it's standing out from the pack of Cover-up Republicans and Roll-over Democrats who don't care enough about the U.S Constitution and the rule of law to curb a president run amok.

Russ Feingold looks good because he's standing up for what is right and for what he believes in.

Maybe if enough of these bonehead Dem insiders would get over peeing in their pants over checking and balancing a president with approvals in the low 30s they could rengage their brains and think about what's actually leaving their lips: opposing Bush's spying program can benefit you. Duh!

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